Document of Authorization
              for Burial of Cremated Remains at Sea
I/We, the undersigned, hereby request and authorize Just Wonderfil Charters to take possession of and undertake       
final disposition at sea, of the cremated remains of the Deceased named below,
                                                                  (Name of Deceased)
_________________________                                                                              ____________________________
       Date of Birth                                                                                                                 Date of Death

in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this authorization, and all applicable federal and local                 
The undersigned warrant and request possession of the full legal right and authority to authorize the disposition of        
the cremated remains of the Deceased. ________(Initial)

The cremated remains were shipped or will be shipped to Just Wonderfil Charters by _______USPS, or
_______ other service.  __________________________________
                                                             (name service)

The undersigned understand and agree that:

The scattering of ashes will be performed by Just Wonderfil Charters at its discretion, and subject to weather, but        
generally within  ten days of receipt, and the ashes received from Dec.1 - March 30 will be held for scattering at sea        
beginning In April. _______(initial)

The obligation of Just Wonderfil  Charters shall be limited to the disposition of the cremated remains of the                   
Deceased, and that once the cremated remains are scattered, they are unrecoverable.________(initial)

To release and to hold Just Wonderfil Charters harmless from any and all loss, damage, liability, or causes of action    
(including attorneys' fees and expenses of litigation) in connection with the disposition of the cremated remains of            
the Deceased or with respect to the stated identification of the said cremated remains._______(initial)

JustWonderfil Charters is not responsible for any cost, loss, or damage of the cremated remains via any package        
delivery service. _______(initial)

  Director or Persons Responsible for Cremation Burial Arrangements

_________________________________    _______________________________    _________________________
            (print name)                                                      (signature)                                 (relation to Deceased)

_________________________________________       ____________________         _______________
                      (address)                                                       (telephone)                               (date)

__________________________________   _______________________________    _________________________
             (print name)                                                      (signature)                                 (relation to Deceased)

__________________________________________      ____________________         _______________
                       (address)                                                     (telephone)                                 (date)

 mail to:
                                                                  Just Wonderfil Charters
                                                              Scattering of Ashes Services
                                                                      1711 86 Street
                                                               Brooklyn, New York 11214