We, at "
Just Wonderfil " Charters will honor your loved one's wishes with a most
         intimate family memorial service at sea.

          We'll set sail  on a calm sea day of your choice.  After setting anchor, the transfer of
     the ashes  into a basket covered with beautiful rose petals, begins the service.  
          The basket is then passed to each family member, and each will have a chance to say some
     words.   A family member will be assisted  in setting the basket into the water as the captain
     recites  a short prayer.  
         At this time,  roses and rose petals may be tossed into the water by all, to follow the ashes
     in  procession.  The boat will then slowly circle the area signifying completion."

        Maybe your family might want the scattering service performed differently.  We will do
      whatever we can to accommodate you.  Please feel free to call us.
        You may bring your own director, priest, minister, or rabbi.   There is a CD  system on board
      if you wish to listen music of your choice.

       The family will receive one
Commemorative Certificate , documenting the date, time, and
     the exact  coordinates of the area, so they can return at a later date if they wish, to revisit
     their loved one's final resting place.

  The  Attended Service is $495 which includes the 1- 1 1/2 hour trip, up to 6 attendees, roses
   and rose petals, the Certificate, and refreshments.   We can also accommodate up to 12 for an           
    additional rate.

Unattended Service is $195  Sometimes, the family cannot  venture out to sea, in which case,
the captain and crew will  set out to place the cremains  and flowers into the sea for the family.  
There are no attendees present.  The family will receive one memorial certificate by mail, and digital
photos by email, as proof of the scattering and for peace of mind.  The ashes can be delivered or
shipped to us by Express mail.  A pick-up service is available in Brooklyn, New York.

By Mail   Your cost is $195.00 .  Directors or the family can mail ashes in the container and package
provided by the crematory to us via USPS Registered  or Express Mail.
Include the original Cremation Certificate (provided by the crematory), the Document of
(print form), and payment of $195 to Just Wonderfil Charters  (Please, do not send cash)
, and mail to the address below.
 Paypal is also available for your convenience.  

       We are docked  at the Marine Basin  Marina,  centrally located in  Brooklyn, N.Y.

           Directors may mail cremains  directly to our office:
                                       Just Wonderfil Charters
                                  Scattering of Ashes Services
                                           1711  86 Street
                                     Brooklyn, New York 11214

               For more information or to discuss futher details, please call or email.                                  
                                                (347) 721-6317                                                                                
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 Spreading of Ashes at Sea Memorial Services
All  Faiths are Welcome
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